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Chairman's Message

Welcome to New beginning!

On behalf of every member associated I welcome you to Shanti Niketan Group of Institutions. On this opportunity, I would like to share some of my personal beliefs. While growing up like you, I would constantly dream of college education.

In that era, the education structure offered to students by society was not in reach of many capable students due to many reasons like money, distance, responsibilities etc. So, I would constantly dream of doing the impossible in those times to make education reach every doorstep and made available to students in present time what we were not able to afford in my time. From that time, I have maintained in my mind a single goal of giving students, especially those who have a rural background, tools with which they can have an equal chance like many others to reach their dreams and destiny. For this purpose I laboured through difficult time; giving my everything to give you what I am offering to you now as I have achieved that goal by building these educational structures which are at par with industry standards, so that our students who by reason of money and distance find themselves unable to realize their dreams, can achieve what they want through our less expensive and highly standardized teaching facilities. Here we teach, train and prepare the students to a level where they can handle any situation independently to achieve higher degree of excellence in professionalism.

we are hopeful that every student will be successful, but remember NO Gain without pain!

(Dr. Somendra Tomar)